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Type T91.30 - Analogue Temperature Transmitters Fixed Measuring Range, Rail Mounting

Plant construction
Power engineering
Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration

Special Features
Designs for Pt100/Pt1000 or thermocouples
Output 0 ... 10 V, 3 wire design
Fault signal for sensor burnout
High accuracy
Compact and cost-effective


The analogue temperature transmitters of the T91 family are geared to the special requirements of industrial applications. They are ideally suited for direct connection to processors such as PLCs or PC-A/D converters with voltage input.
The transmitters convert the temperature-dependent change in resistance (for resistance thermometers) or the temperature-dependent change in voltage (for thermocouples) into a 0 ... 10 V output signal. This standard signal allows an easy and reliable transmission of temperature measurement values.
These temperature transmitters are characterised by fixed measuring ranges configured according to customer

specifications, combined with zero and span potentiometers, which enable the fine adjustment of small corrections on site. Industry-compliant accuracy, interference resistance and sensor monitoring are further features of these compact signal converters.
The T91.30.232 rail-mounting transmitter offers a useful special feature: The sensor input and the analogue output are galvanically isolated. For this reason the T91.30.232 is ideal for fast measurements with non-insulated or basemetal thermocouples.
The rail-mounting case of these transmitters is suitable for all standard rails per DIN EN 50 022-35.

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