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  • Type CS4L - Temperature Controller for Panel Mounting PID Controller, Dimensions 96 x 96 mm

Type CS4L - Temperature Controller for Panel Mounting PID Controller, Dimensions 96 x 96 mm

Plant and industrial furnace construction
Process engineering
Plastics technology and processing
Ventilation and air conditioning technology
General industrial applications

Special Features
Control characteristic adjustable (PID, PI, PD, P, ON/OFF)
Integrated auto-tuning function
Control output optionally relay, logic level or 4 ... 20 mA
Multi-function input for Pt100, thermocouples and industry standard signals
Optionally with 2nd alarm output, heater burnout alarm, 2nd control output, serial interface or transmitter supply


Model CS4L is a digital temperature controller for displaying, controlling and monitoring of temperatures.
The controller has a multi-function input, i. e. the input configuration is adjustable.
Thereby the flexibility of the controller is significantly increased, stock-keeping is simplified.
An alarm output for process value monitoring is also available as standard.
The control parameters can be set over wide ranges.
An auto-tuning function can be activated, which makes it easier to find the ideal control parameters.

The controllers are designed for panel mounting.
The control output is alternatively equipped with a relay (for slow controls), with a logic level to drive a solid state relay (for fast controls and high current loads) or with an analogue current signal 4 ... 20 mA.
Optionally available are a 2nd alarm output for process value and control loop monitoring, a heater burnout alarm for supervising the manipulated variable, a 2nd control output, a 24-V transmitter supply and, instead of the standard parameter memory for a 2nd set value, a serial interface RS-485.

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