Type A-AI-2 - Attachable indicator for transmitters with switch contact

Machine building and plant construction
Level measurement
Plastics technology, plastics processing
Ventilation and air conditioning
General industrial applications

Special Features
Min/Max value memory
Up to two switch contacts for alarm or on/off control
No power supply needed
LED display
Attachable to transmitters with 4 ... 20 mA output and angular connector to DIN 43650


The model A-AI-2 attachable indicator is the ideal solution for an on-site display with additional switching functionality for simple signalling or control processes.
With its simple mounting and open programmability via the easily accessible push-buttons, it can also be retrofitted quickly to a pressure transmitter which is already operating.
The display is loop-powered, and so no additional power supply is needed.
The 7 mm high LED display ensures good readability, even in poor lighting conditions.

The display settings and the functions of the switch contacts are set via a logically-structured menu. With the assistance of two activatable filters, short spikes can be suppressed and thus the display and the switch response damped.
The switch contacts feature open collector outputs that can be used for both min/max alarms and for simple on/off control.
With its robust and compact plastic case, the indicator fulfills the ingress protection IP 65 and is thus suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

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