Type TR53 - Bayonet resistance thermometer

Plastics processing machinery
Injection moulding machinery
Cylinder heads and oil sumps in engines
Pipelines and vessels

Special features
Application ranges up to max. 400 °C (752 °F)
Single and duplex resistance thermometers
Good heat transfer through adjustable spring-loading
Easy installation and removal, no tools needed
Explosion-protected versions Ex i, Ex n and NAMUR NE24


These cable resistance thermometers feature a bayonet-type probe connection.
TR53 series resistance thermometers can be mounted into drilled holes without thermowells, e.g. into machine components.

There are various insulating materials available to match different environmental conditions.
The free ends of the cable are made up ready for connection, or can be fitted with plugs and/or sockets as optional extras.

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