Type SC15 - Expansion thermometer with micro switch Mechanical temperature regulator

Temperature regulation at mechanical engineering
Temperature regulation in bakery-ovens
Oil temperature regulation with compressors
Temperature regulation in the refrigeration industry

Special Features
Temperature regulator and indication in one gauge
High switching safety and life span


Ingress protection
Case IP 53, terminals IP 00
Nominal size in mm
60, 80, 100
Accuracy class
Class 2 per EN 13190
Scale ranges
-100 ... 400 °C
Operating temperature
Ambient: -40 ... +60 °C
Scale length
Max. 270 ?°
Aluminium, white, black lettering
Measuring principle
Bourdon tube system

Type of contact
1 adjustable change over switch
2 adjustable change over switches
2 together adjustable change over switches
1 adjustable and 1 fixed change over switch
1 fixed change over switch
2 fixed change over switches
Micro switches
Switch rating
5 A non-inductive at max. 250 V, 40 ... 60 Hz
Standard switch differential
< 2 % of measuring range
Connection, electrical
0.8 x 6.3 mm terminal block or AMP plug connection
Plastic, black

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