Type 74 - Gas-actuated thermometer For sanitary applications, stainless steel version

Food industry
Sterile process technology
Bio technology
Pharmaceutical industry

Special Features
Dead space free
Hygienic design
Aseptic process connections
Material and surface finish quality in accordance with pharmaceutical industry directives and standards


This series of thermometers has been designed as an addition to the standard range of thermometers in order to meet the special requirements of the food, bio and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the paints and varnishes industry.
The model 74 gas-actuated thermometer is ideally suited to fulfil the high standard requirements of sanitary applications. In accordance with the testing by an independent authority (Third Party Verification) the thermometer corresponds to the 3-A standard 74-03 and is marked by us accordingly.

Stem and case are made of stainless steel. The surface of the wetted parts is polished, and a wide variety of process connections is available to ensure the optimal adaptation to many different process requirements. The stem is free of dead space.
Process connection:
Union nut DIN 11851
NEUMO BioControl®