Type 70-8xx - Expansion thermometer with micro switch and capillary Stainless steel version

General purpose instrument for gaseous, liquid and highly-viscous media.
Refrigeration technology
Machine building
Food industry

Special features
Case and stem from stainless steel
Version per DIN EN 13190
High switching reliability and long service life
Temperature controller and indicator in a single instrument
One or two adjustable micro switches


Thermometers of this product range find their application whenever a local temperature display is needed at the same time as switching an electrical circuit.
Expansion thermometers can be fitted into or onto almost any point. Versions with capillaries are used in locations which are not easily accessible and where long distances have to be bridged. They can therefore be used in just about any application; such as in machine building, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology and other industrial applications.

The case, capillary, stem and process connection are made from stainless steel. To optimise the fitting to the measuring point, different insertion lengths and process connections are available.

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