Type 52 - Bimetal thermometer Industrial series

Applications of the bimetal thermometer
A wide range of applications in machine building, vessel, piping and apparatus construction
Heating technology

Special features of the bimetal thermometer
Scale ranges from -30 ... +500 °C
Large choice of nominal sizes from 25 ... 160 mm
Case and stem from stainless steel
5 different connection designs

Description of the bimetal thermometer

The model 52 bimetal thermometer is the entry-level model among process thermometers. The target markets of this thermometer are air-conditioning and machine building.
Model 52 is manufactured in accordance with EN 13190 and already offers a stainless steel case and accuracy class 1 for nominal sizes > 60 mm.

Especially noteworthy is the large number of stem lengths and nominal sizes. This enables the individual adaptation to the target applications.

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