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Types WU-10, WU-15, WU-16 - Ultra High Purity Transducer With and without side access

Semiconductor and flat panel display industry
Microelectronics engineering
Gas distribution systems (Gas sticks, gas panels, bulk-gas supply)
Ultra high purity water supply

Special Features
Thin-film sensor
Excellent long-term stability
Exchangeable electronics
No span adjustment required
Ingress protection IP 65 / IP 54 with side access


As a result of its broad pressure range spectrum from vacuum up to 400 bar (5000 psi), its compact design and its excellent performance, model WU-10 offers a perfect combination of an appealing design and proven measuring technology.
Flow through transducers of the WU-15 series have been developed for ultra pure media applications where, apart from the requirement for easy cleaning of the transducer, the application also demands a proven, stable sensor technology. Through the optimised design of the sensor connection, external influences on the sensor signal have been eliminated, even in the case of varying fastening torques of the process connections.
Thin-film sensors produced by WIKA have ensured high accuracy, long-term stability and repeatabillity in industrial pressure measurement instrumentation for decades. We use special thin-film sensors made of 2.4711 (Elgiloy®) in order to meet the particular requirements of the ultra pure media industry.

Hermetically welding of the thin-film sensor guarantees a total seperation of medium, as well as a long-term high impermeability which is required by the user.
The modular design makes it possible to configure a high number of variants in order to comply with the manifold requirements of UHP applications. All wetted parts are electropolished using state-of-the art equipment prior to the final assembly.
The integrated potentiometer enables adjustment of the zero point up to 5 % of the full scale value. An adjustment of span is not required.
Exchangeable electronics enable replacement of the amplifier without disconnecting the sensors from the process. The high ingress protection (NEMA-4) allows operation even under the most difficult conditions.

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