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  • Types DPGT43.100, DPGT43.160 - Differential pressure gauge with electrical output signal Stainless steel, safety version

Types DPGT43.100, DPGT43.160 - Differential pressure gauge with electrical output signal Stainless steel, safety version

Acquisition and display of process values
Transmission of process values to the control room, 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V
For measuring points with increased differential overpressure
Easy-to-read, analogue on-site display needing no external power
Safety-related applications

Special Features
"Plug and play" with no configuration necessary
Signal transmission per NAMUR
Differential pressure measuring ranges from 0 ? 16 mbar
Easy-to-read analogue display with nominal sizes 100 and 160
Individual, non-linear characteristic curves (e. g. x2 or ?x for flow measurement)


At any point where a differential pressure has to be indicated locally, and, at the same time, a signal is wanted to be transmitted to a central controller or remote control room, the model DPGT43 intelliGAUGE can be used.
Through the combination of a high-quality mechanical measuring system and precise electronic signal processing, the process pressure can be read securely, even if the power supply is lost.
An additional measuring point for mechanical pressure indication can thus be saved.
The model DPGT43 is based upon a model 732.51 highquality, stainless steel pressure gauge with a nominal size of 100 or 160. The pressure gauge is manufactured in accordance with EN 837-3.
These differential pressure gauges are made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel and feature an all-metal media chamber sealing.

Therefore no elastomer sealing elements are required, so that a better long-term leak tightness is ensured. A high overpressure safety is achieved by the all-metal construction and the close-fitting design of the measuring element.
The rugged design of the diaphragm measuring system produces a pointer rotation proportional to the pressure. An electronic angle encoder, proven in safety-critical automotive applications, determines the position of the pointer shaft - it is a non-contact sensor and therefore completely free from wear and friction. From this, the electrical output signal proportional to the pressure, e.g. 4 ... 20 mA, is produced.
The electronic WIKA transmitter, integrated into the highquality mechanical differential pressure gauge, combines the advantages of electrical signal transmission with the advantages of a local mechanical display. The measuring span (electrical output signal) is set automatically along with the mechanical display, i.e. the scale over the full display range corresponds to 4 ... 20 mA. The electrical zero point can also be set manuall

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