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Type PGT23.063 - Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges with Electrical Output Signal Stainless Steel, Safety Pattern Version

Acquisition and display of process values
Transmission of process value to the control room, 4 ... 20 mA
Easy-to-read, local analogue display needs no power supply
Safety-related applications

Special Features
?Plug and play? means no configuration necessary
Measuring ranges from 0 ... 1 bar to 0 ... 600 bar
Easy-to-read, nominal size 63 analogue display
S3 Safety pressure gauge per EN 837-1


At any point with limited space, where the process pressure has to be indicated locally, and, at the same time, a signal is wanted to be transmitted to a central controller or remote control room, the model PGT23.063 intelliGAUGE (Patent applied for, among others European Patent No. EP 06113003) can be used.
Through the combination of a mechanical measuring system and electronic signal processing, the process pressure can be read securely, even if the power supply is lost.
The model PGT23.063 intelliGAUGE fulfils all safety-related requirements of the relevant standards and regulations for the on-site display of the operating pressure of pressure vessels. An additional measuring point for the mechanical pressure indication can thus be saved.
The model PGT23.063 is built upon a high-quality, stainless steel pressure gauge in safety pattern version model 23x.30 with nominal size of 63. The pressure gauge is manufactured in accordance with EN 837-1.

The durable, fully-welded Bourdon tube measuring system produces a pointer rotation proportional to the pressure.
An electronic angle encoder, proven in safety-critical automotive applications, determines the position of the pointer shaft ? it is a non-contact sensor and therefore completely free from wear and friction. From this, the pressure-proportional, 4 ... 20 mA electrical output signal is produced.
The electronic WIKA transmitter, integrated into the highquality mechanical pressure gauge, combines the advantages of electrical signal transmission with the advantages of a local mechanical display.
The measuring span (electrical output signal) is set automatically along with the mechanical display, i.e. the scale over the full display range corresponds to 4 ... 20 mA.

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