Type 990.31 - Threaded Process Connection, Diaphragm Seals Plastic Design

Process instrumentation in chemical plants
Plating industry
Waste water treatment
Fertiliser industry

Special Features
All-plastic design
Process connection with thread for direct mounting, but also suitable for bonding (PVC-U) or welding (PP, PVDF)


Pressure rating
PN 10 (with water, 20 °C)
Suitable pressure ranges
0 ... 1 bar to 0 ... 10 bar
not suitable for + / - ranges and vacuum ranges
Operating pressure and process temperature
See also diagram pressure-temperature rating on data sheet
Upper housing (instrument connection) G ¼ female
G ½ female
PP (polypropylene), fibre-glass reinforced, blue RAL 5022
Diaphragm with sealing ring
EPDM, with PTFE foil on the medium side
Lower housing (process connection) d 25, G ¼ female (optional ¼ NPT)
d 32, G ½ female (optional ½ NPT)
Material: PVC-U (polyvinyl chloride), grey RAL 7011
PP (polypropylene), grey-beige RAL 7032
PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), opaque, yellowish white
Multi-purpose connection, optionally via threaded neck, bonding neck (PVC-U) or welding neck (PP, PVDF)
Mounting position
any position possible, preferably measuring instrument on top

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