Type 910.25 - Pressure equalising valve For differential pressure gauges

Applications of the pressure gauge manifold
Shut-off, pressure equalising, purge and vent valves for differential pressure gauges, for measurement of liquids, gases and vapours
In stainless steel version for aggressive media, also in aggressive environments
Process industry: Machine building, general plant construction, chemical/petrochemical, power plants, mining, on- and offshore and environmental technology

Special Features of the pressure gauge manifold
One-way, three-way, four-way and five-way valves
Robust brass or stainless steel versions
Valves for PN 100 and 400 with double-sided cone seals
Wide variety of process connections
Nominal pressures to 40, 100 or 400 bar

Description of the pressure gauge manifold

One-way valves
With upstream pressure equalising valves it is possible to achieve uniform pressure loading from the "+" and "-" side, to avoid single-sided overpressure loading during both start-up and operation, and also to enable zero point checks during operation.
Three-way valves
These pressure gauge manifolds, with interposing or integrated shut-off valves, enable the isolation of processlines without interruption to the operation, an instrument to be removed, tested, shut-down, protected against inadmissible pressure overload as well as the measurement of staticpressure (after dismounting the differential pressure measuring instrument).

Four-way and five-way valves
Furthermore, these pressure equalising valves, with integrated shut-off, purge and vent valves, enable the pressure gauge to be vented on one or both sides and the supply line to be purged.

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