Type 910.22 - Pressure Gauge In-Line Filters

For mounting to pressure gauges in dirt-sensitive hydraulic and pneumatic systems
To filter out solid substances from gaseous and liquid media (retention of particulates)

Special Features
They avoid:
- Plugging of small gauge pressure entries and capillary throttles
- Accumulation of particles in dirt-sensitive gauge interiors and its consequences
Furthermore they have an effect of a throttle and damp shock pressure


Filter body
Stainless steel 1.4571
Filter disk
Stainless steel 1.4404
Grade of filtration
200 ?m
30 ? 50 %
Temperature range
-25 ? +200 °C
Operating pressure
depends on the sealing washer the customer uses
Sealing element PTFE: PN max. 100 bar
Sealing element stainless steel 1.4571: PN max. 1600 bar
Process connection
Male and female thread per EN 837-1 or male thread NPT

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