Type 910.17 - Sealings for pressure measuring instruments

For sealing the process connections of pressure measuring instruments and fittings with parallel threads

Special Features
Various materials and sizes
Various versions:
- WIKA sealings
- Sealing washers per EN 837-1 (and similar)
- Special sealings
- Edged sealing rings


These contact seals for static sealing surfaces achieve their effect through a high-enough surface pressure between the two threaded connections. The sealings are used to seal the process connections on pressure measuring instruments at measuring points and connection components in process equipment and piping assemblies (e.g. valves, shut-off valves, syphons, connectors, overload protection devices). They prevent the accidental leakage of gaseous or liquid media into the environment.

We recommend that every time a pressure measuring instrument is changed, the sealing is checked for damage or deformation and, if necessary, replaced with a new sealing.

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