Type 910.12 - Snubber for pressure measuring instruments Brass, steel or stainless steel

Snubbers for pressure measuring instruments are intended to suppress the effect of pressure surges and pressure pulses of the medium
Stainless steel version for aggressive media, even in aggressive ambience
Process industry: Machine building, general plant construction, chemical/petrochemical, power plants, mining, on- and offshore and environmental technology

Special Features
Max. temperature 120 °C
Nominal pressures up to 400 bar


The snubber is adjustable (modification of the crosssectional flow) and can thus be adapted individually to the respective operating conditions. A readjustment during operation, if required, is possible at any time.
The pulsations and pressure surges in the medium, occurring e.g. in compressors, steam engines, hydraulic presses, tensile testing machines etc., are largely compensated by this snubber. This considerably increases the service life of the pressure measuring instrument and improves the reading accuracy.

Standard version

Pressure connection
G ½ x G ½ B per EN 837-1/7.3

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